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Taroudant University by Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana – Dezeen

Taroudant University by Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana – Dezeen. This project draws inspiration from the land and its manifestations to the senses. The harsh sunlight in the Moroccan desert casts dramatic shadows across the sandy red walls of the University.


After attempting to uses 3dmax and autocad to create my renders, I was having no luck with the lighting so, I used my model to take photographs outside in the light and then photoshopped materiality into those photos.  Doing this created a much more softer and lighter atmosphere, something I have been looking to portray … Continue reading

Final Sections

Some partially rendered Longitudinal and Cross Sections of the final design for the Mental Health Centre. The section lines can be found in the floor plan on the previous post. Facade Semi-translucent glass in the front facade openings allows light into the interior while preventing passers-by to see in.             … Continue reading

Final Plans !!!

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks, finalising my design and doing the CAD drawings and renders for my final crit which is on wednesday.  So, enough about my stress, here is the final plan for the Mental Health Outpatient Centre. On entering the centre, the space opens up in width and in … Continue reading

Silent Crit

So wednesday saw the silent crit of our work.  It involved pinning up my draft presentation for our final crit and the class going around each persons work and critiquing with post-it notes.  Not being able to speak to our work but enabling the viewer to read and understand our process and design through just … Continue reading

Spatial Planning

Using my atmospheric drawings created previously, I used the light spaces found within them and created conceptual sections and plans.  I wanted to transfer the light within the drawings back into the site to create interior spaces. The spaces needed within my private mental health facility are: parking reception seperate entry and exit (or those … Continue reading

Ply Model of light analysis

I created a 1.100 scale ply model of my space and used the plan of the remnants to create voids in the roof in order to cast light down onto the remnants of architecture and occupation.

Part Two: Digital Project

This project consists of two parts. The first is documentation and modelling the second folio and presentation. Documentation and Modelling For this project I started sketching out the space showing plan and perspective exploration.  Then, using basic AutoCAD skills I was required to re-create the original drawings digitally, showing an understanding of line usage, layers, … Continue reading

Casa Asencio

Alberto Campo Baeza Casa Asencio Chiclana de la frontera, Cadiz, Spain  2000   “A good painter knows exactly how to use white surfaces to transmit light from the sun directly into inner space.  In architecture, white is much more than a pure abstraction.  It provides a secure and effective base from which to work from … Continue reading

Part One: Research Project

For this project I was required to undertake research into a number of architects and interior designers and select only one of their projects that I felt was a representative of my own approach to interior design and spatial design aesthetics. These are a the research pages from my portfolio: